Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure

self-study Online Course
Get confident expressing your desire for connection, intimacy and touch
Transform conditioned numbness to enhanced sensual and sexual pleasure

Feeling safe, alive and free in your body is your birth right

Do you enjoy the sensual sensations on your skin when you touch someone or something?

Have you ever experienced a kind of electrical buzz or a magnetic connection?

Do you want to merge and become one with who you are touching?

Does touch make you want to say yes to discovery and expansion?

Would you like to melt into the beauty of the moment beyond any goal?

The loss of connection

You know how it feels to switch off, forgetting the sensations of feeling and instead focusing on “I need to get it right”.

You know how it feels when someone touches you without being tuned into their skin—and instead tries to get you going.

You know how it feels when a touch-deprived person connects with the energy of greediness and hunger.

You know how it feels when your body shuts down—while pretending you like what’s happening—to avoid making the other person feel bad.

Touch and physical connection is the foundation of human intimacy and the healthy 'glue' of human bonding.

So why do we repeat unhealthy patterns of touch and relating?

You can turn it around!

If you’ve been trying to figure out touch on your own and feel a little lost…

If you’ve been learning touch techniques to make yourself or your partner happy…

If your relationship is beginning to fail…

If you’ve tried tips and tricks to reach the highest form of ecstasy—but ended up in your head rather than your body…

If you’ve tried every alternative “treatment” out there from “how to be a better lover” seminars, to tantra and plant medicine…

If you’re frustrated because nothing seems to help…

There's a different way...

Over the last 25 years I've turned over every stone I could find in my quest to 'activate' my system to the deepest level of feeling and sensation.

What I discovered is the most subtle but powerful experience.

I really want you to have the opportunity to make that change in yourself...

To live up to your fullest sensual and sexual potential.

This course shows you HOW to become ACTIVATED.

Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure

Online Course

Awaken your body’s innate and full capacity to feel
Learn how to slow down, be present and attune to exquisite sensations of pleasure
Invite a deeper connection to your feelings, your skin, your whole body and the world around you
Experience more natural radiance and contentment in your life

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In this online course you will: 

  • Discover and welcome your emotional landscape so that your nervous system becomes more balanced
  • Learn how to allow your deeper emotional world to blend with your bodily sensations and sensual essence
  • Gain more empathy and compassion
  • Reconnect with your sexuality and learn how to surrender to eros
  • Improve the quality of your touch
  • Learn to make choices and voice the boundaries you FEEL within your body

3 months

This course is self-paced & typically takes 3 months to complete

5 modules

Organised into 5 modules containing videos, worksheets & practical exercises

2 hours

Over 2 hours of video material that guide you throughout your practice

5 minutes

If you practice for just 5 minutes a day, you'll start noticing the effects within the first month

Is this course for you?

This online course is ideal for you if:
  • You want to tear down your limiting beliefs about sensuality and physical closeness.
  • You’re struggling with feelings of shame, unworthiness and isolation.
  • You don’t allow yourself to express your true desires, instead conforming to what you see as “socially acceptable” and “normal”.
  • You have a hard time expressing what you really want and don’t want within your relationships.

Course Content

In this module you’ll learn:
  • The foundations of Somatic Consent and how to activate your sense of touch
  • The two functions of the somatic nervous system—motor for action and sensory for receiving
  • What consent is—when to ask for permission and when to make an agreement
  • How to change from automatic giving to receptive embodiment
  • To rewire your ability to deeply receive
In this module you will:
  • Tune into your sense of touch on a richer, deeper level
  • Learn how to follow pleasurable sensation in-the-moment
  • Recognise the response in your body when you tune into sensation in your hands
  • Begin to embody the inflow of sensation as a foundation for touch and connection

In this module you will:
  • Learn the difference between feeling and meaning
  • Start noticing when you’re distracted by thoughts and emotions
  • Learn how to consciously bring awareness to your tactile experience in order to fully receive
  • Learn to recognise whether the sensation is going inwards (meaning it’s for you – receiving) or going outwards (meaning it’s for them – giving)

In this module you’ll learn:
  • The basic dynamics of the 3 Minute Game and the four ways to engage in touch
  • How to play the 3 Minute Game
  • How to use the sensory inflow as a foundation—when your touch is for you
  • How to notice and appreciate your desires
  • How to ask for what you want
  • How to take turns
  • How to recognise your boundaries and limits, as well as appreciate and honour your partner’s limits
  • How to accept the gift that is given
  • How to be generous when giving
  • How your body feels in the four ways to touch

In this final module you will:
  • Identify which shadow dynamic you tend to fall into when trying to meet your needs
  • Gain important skills in self-care and self-responsibility
  • Learn how to choose what’s best for you and communicate that clearly
  • Connect with others more honestly and intimately
  • Use your new skills to grow personally and spiritually

The Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure course guides you to radically upgrade your experience of intimate touch and connection.

About Your Host

Matt is a German-born intimacy expert and facilitator.
His own journey began in 1997 at the age of 29.
Via his own personal practice and direct experience, he has nurtured an ethos of communication, love and empowerment —with absolute integrity.
With Somatic Consent, he went on to create the first Consent Academy of its kind.
Born with a desire to impact and innovate, he is a pioneer in the global field of holistic sexual healing, pleasure, de-armouring and community empowerment. 
He has trained thousands of practitioners and individuals from all over the world in his methodologies, programs and events.
He teaches at international events, sharing his expertise on the topics of conscious leadership, relating and personal transformation.
He is committed to supporting conscious change-makers and professionals, enabling them to transform into healthy role models and embodied leaders.
His holistic facilitation supports people to overcome self-sabotage, low self-esteem and limiting beliefs so that they too can live more pleasurable, authentic, confident lives, true to their own individual purpose.
His clients go on to create what they desire and deserve—while contributing to positive change.
Over the last 20+ years, Matt has travelled to over 60 countries, teaching and learning from the most integrated leaders, teachers, and masters of pleasure and conscious development.

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Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure

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