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Activate the capacity to feel pleasure through our revolutionary touch-based mindfulness methode


What is Somatic Consent?

Somatic Consent is an engagement system in which we learn to drop into our sensory inflow while we are in action. This brings us into connection with our sensations and feelings in a transformative way. It provides a neurological upgrade of our emotional intelligence, somatic capacity, and ability to feel and respond. The end result is a container of consent for the benefit of all involved.

What You Will Learn

Biohack Your Cerebellum

Learn how to rewire your brain to feel pleasure through the nerve endings of your finger tips

Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Learn how to relieve stress through a revolutionary touch-based mindfulness meditation

The Polyvagal Theory

Learn about the scientific background of the polyvagal theory and how it can be used to learn about your emotions and desires

The Engagement System

Study and use our easy-to-use models for emotional and spiritual growth

Practical Shadow Work

Do your shadow work in a fun and practical way through the maps of the engagement system

Improve Intimate Relationships

Learn how you can communicate your desires and practice asking for what you want.

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How Over Pleasing People Can Use One Simple Yet Powerful Method To Overcome Their Intimacy Issues And Finally Have The Relationships They Deserve‚Äč

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