My intention with Somatic Consent

I am on a journey of personal and spiritual development more then 20 years,

I am not a doctor or an academic to any degree, i am a student of life and curious what works in day to day encounter and on a long run of my souls purpose being here in this life and sharing my gifts with the world.

I am an explorer and discoverer, a pioneer of unwalked territory, talented to connect dots that are resonation on my cellular system in my mind and body and share this with the world in different forms.

I was one of the co-founders of the School of Consent in 2018 and co-created curriculums for courses to educate consent facilitators around the world

I was studying and embodying the somatic dynamics of consent and facilitating sessions and workshops for individuals, couples and groups for 5 years and finally educating facilitator how to teach this transformative to others.

I am proud of what we have achieved, now I will deepen to teach the dynamics with my own projects here on somatic Consent.

I am wholehearted dedicated sharing this work with the world in empowering ways that serves the purpose of transformational values for individual, people and the collective.

I am a fan of open source where winning is happening for all involved by sharing my embodied experiences of Somatic Consent. These will be available in form of scheme maps in a handbook in both paper and online version with linked videos, free of charge for anybody to access, use and share the foundations in whatever way they choose.

Furthermore there are life in workshops, retreats and online trainings available soon.

My purpose is to inspire love, connection and healthy sexuality. Wherever you are on your journey, I hope you can use the tools to deepen your experience of life.

And i am looking for team player who are inspired to translate and facilitate this transformative work in different languages. I invite you to reach out if are feeling inspired.