Live Online Training

4 Pillars of Relating

Learn tools for greater connection to yourself and others. Increase your sensitivity and relationship to your own pleasure.
Bring a partner, friend or play buddy.

April 11th – 1-5pm CET on zoom
April 18th – 1-5pm CET on zoom
April 25th – 1-5pm CET on zoom
May 2nd – 1-5pm CET on zoom

This training will dramatically improve your relationship skills. You’ll learn how to communicate desires, set boundaries and limits, and make agreements. There will be a focus on emotional fluency alongside personal and spiritual development. You will explore routes to waking up the sensitivity of your skin in order to find meaningful touch and connection to others. All of this will enable you to take radical responsibility for your choices and actions in the world you live in.


An online training with a series of 4 live video calls of 4 hours on 4 Sundays.

You will be part of an online learning community and journey together in a group with weekly live sessions facilitated by Matthias. You will be guided through a series of videos, maps and experiential exercises for you to learn in an easy, conscious way. There will be practices that can be used in your personal or professional life. No prior experience is necessary for this training. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can start where you are and find new levels of awareness.

What you will learn

During this course you will learn:

The quality of our lives is directly determined by the quality of our relationships.
This course will guide you into new realms of intimacy and pleasure both with yourself and others.
Are you ready for the transformation?

4 Pillars of Relating

4 Sundays 

4 Hours on zoom

April 11th – 1-5pm CET
April 18th – 1-5pm CET
April 25th – 1-5pm CET

May 2nd – 1-5pm CET

For couples – pairs – lovers and play-buddys.

Ready to get started?

This program is offered in multiple formats:

In-person WORKSHOP:

Watch this space for future dates

Hopefully, in-person workshops will be possible again soon. Please connect with us to invite this live workshop into your town and community.

Online Course:

Learn at your own pace.

This course allows you to access the materials at your own pace as you deepen your understanding and amplify your awareness. This allows for maximum absorption, integration and application in your daily life.


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