We humans are social beings. Connection and bonding is vital to our well-being. Most of us spend our lives feeling disconnected and numb—rejecting or miscommunicating our desires, going along with things we’re uncomfortable with, accepting crumbs of love and minimal pleasure. We get by, we survive.

Your nervous system, however, is built to direct you towards your desires, alert you to your limits, to receive delicious amounts of pleasure—and connect you to self and others in ways transcending the mere physical.

In the pages of this book you’ll find a clear system that easily guides you to switch on your tremendous capacity to thrive. To receive a total experience of life—as you authentically are. This is your birthright.

This book peels back the onion layers of the human condition, taking a logical look at our physical, emotional and psychological nature. This holistic model of life leads us through the confusion, inspiring a way of being that is personal and interpersonal, scientific and spiritual. It leads you practically from the unconscious states that break down relationship with self and others—to one that truly empowers—inviting intimate relating and deep connection like never before.

nina heands with the heart

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