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Do you think it’s selfish to take action for yourself instead of always putting others first? This can lead to burnout and never feeling like you’re enough. I found a simple method that helps you perceive your body differently and take action for yourself, which turns into self-love and self-care. I  invite you to join the meeting to explore this method and communicate more authentically with like-minded individuals.

What to Expect - a message from Matt

“I used to believe my actions were meant to serve others. That it’s selfish or egocentric to go into action for myself.  Never feeling enough made me a pleaser

I put others before myself; being a ‘saviour’—so that I could feel better about myself. This often led to  burnout.

In search for answers I traveled widely around the world, turning over all the stones I could find, to get to the root of my tendency to please—and how to change it. 

The solution was closer than I could ever have imagined.

Through a very simple, effective method, I learned how to  perceive my skin differently. I landed back at home in my body.

Once embodied more deeply, I learned to take action for myself—transforming it into self-love and self-care. 

This method rewired how my nervous system perceives. It made me aware of, and naturally focus on my own experience while with another person. It highlighted the fine subtleties of giving and receiving.

I combined this new way of being with a crystal-clear communication system which allows each person to be authentically as they are.

This combination gifted me a grounded self-confidence. It allows me to re-charge my battery whenever I need to. And ultimately, it confirmed that my value doesn’t depend on what I provide for others.

If you’re interested in exploring this method of embodiment and learning how to practice communicating in a self-aware and honest way—I invite you to join us at our regular Monday Meet-Up, the first Monday of each month.

7pm CET on Zoom

Here you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss in a group of like-minded others. People like you, intent on letting go of old patterns to make way for the new.

To grow, evolve and enjoy radically better relationships with much more pleasure!”

Looking forward to welcoming you!

See you soon,


Matt is a German-born Consciousness Facilitator. His own journey began in 1997 at the age of 29.

Via his own personal practice and direct experience, he has nurtured an ethos of communication, love and power within—with absolute integrity.

He went on to create, The Somatic Consent Academy,  the first consent school of its kind.

Over the last 20+ years, Matt has travelled to over 60 countries, teaching and learning from the most integrated leaders, teachers, and masters of pleasure and conscious development.

Born with a desire to impact and innovate, he is a pioneer in the worldwide field of holistic sexual healing, pleasure, de-armouring and community empowerment.

Matt has trained thousands of individuals and practitioners from all over the world in his sessions, programs and events.

He teaches at international events, sharing his expertise on the topics of conscious leadership, relating, and profound personal transformation.

He is committed to supporting conscious change-makers and professionals, enabling them to transform into healthy role models and embodied leaders.

His holistic facilitation supports people to overcome self-sabotage, low self-esteem and limiting beliefs, so that they too can live more pleasurable, authentic, confident lives—true to their own individual purpose.

Many went on to Creating what they desired and deserved—while contributing greatly to positive collective impact.

How Over Pleasing People Can Use One Simple Yet Powerful Method To Overcome Their Intimacy Issues And Finally Have The Relationships They Deserve​

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