Matt Schwenteck,  founder of Somatic Consent.
(Co-founder of the School of Consent in 2018)

Hello and welcome.
My name is Matthias Schwenteck and I am a German-born world citizen.

I am a trained facilitator in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. I have been on the path of Tantra and personal development for over 20 years with different healing modalities of meditation, counseling, bodywork, shamanism, trauma research and neurophysiology from around the world. I am a student of life inspired by everything that resonates on the higher vibration of love, transformation and connection. My path has weaved through tao yoga, shamanism, tantra and neuroscience and eventually guided me to the Wheel of Consent in 2011.
In 2014 I became a student of Betty Martin, the developer of the Wheel of Consent, and in 2017 I became a co-founder of the School of Consent.
After establishing myself as a Wheel of Consent practitioner and facilitator, sharing the teachings with hundreds of people in workshops and sessions around the world, in 2019 I founded Somatic Consent Education International (SCEI)..

I offer workshops, courses, events, coaching and consulting sessions for professionals, businesses, individuals and couples worldwide.

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