Somatic Consent Ambassadorship

Somatic Consent represents all humans without borders. Its teachings transcend nationality, culture, colour, age, gender and belief systems—guiding us towards interpersonal connection through conscious engagement.

Based on the neurological blueprint of our very existence as human beings, Somatic Consent merges scientific research with spiritual self-realisation—providing a collective and transformative system of human engagement.

Enter the AMBASSADOR Level - Exclusive language license of Somatic Consent.

Available in Germany, the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, China, Japan and other Countries on request. This package includes the website, App, all programs, the course system, handbook, teaching materials from all levels, fully translated.

This level includes certification to train and certify facilitators to educate people in the ConsentLab, Empowerment Practitioners, Foundations of Somatic Consent, 4 Pillars of Relating in your native or chosen available language and your coutry.
There is only one ambassador certification per language or country, that can be shared between a group of people. Available for: UK, IRELAND, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, PORTUGAL, BRASIL, SPAIN,  SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES.

Extra Add on: The Practitioner Intensive facilitator certification.


- The Somatic Consent Year Training (attendence is a prerequessit)
- All teaching material, the HandBook, the app, the page, the courses
- Educating and Certifying Facilitator in: ConsentLab, Foundations of Somatic Consent, Practitioner Intensive, 4 Pillars of Relating
- A passive income stream of the Foudation of Somatic Consent course system on your own Page
- Autonomous and indipenden choices and decissions in your work offering in your country.

Vision and Mission

- Create and shape your career and level of income
- Create and shape a new reality with people you resonate with
- Build a consent culture in your country

How to become an Somatic Consent Ambassador

Assist the Year Training. Co-teach the Year Training. Lead your Year Training.
Includes the certificate to facilitate ConsentLab, Empowerment Practitioner session, Foundations of Somatic Consent workshops, and 4 Pillars of Relating workshops certification. Get your embodiment of leadership by practicing facilitation in a supportive community
leadership and facilitation2
Get the website, the book, the handbook, the App, the courses system, translated in your language. Only one ambassador certification per language is avalble.

There is only one ambassador certification per language or country, that can be shared between a group of people.
Educate your educators and join an international team of Somatic Consent creators.

Shape your reality you want to live in.

We Ambassadors creating the shape, direction and future of Somatic Consent together.

There are many areas to cover from educating the next generation in touch to instaling a communication template of consent in boardrooms.

Get in touch to ask more question.

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