“Be in Touch with Each Other”

Somatic Consent provides not only a system or a practice - it is a movement towards connection.

Touch and connection is the social glue, but in most western societies people are suffering from touch deprivation and disconnection. They substitute with all kinds of addictive behaviours to fill up a hole that nothing else can.

We invite you to join the community

We are collectively working towards building a culture of consent, that is based on the four values of integrity, generosity, gratitude, and surrender.

Joining the Somatic Consent Facebook group gives you direct access to our facilitators, and an open platform to engage with other students and leaders, ask questions, and share your experiences in a safe container of growth.

Here, we share tools, tips, and unique content. You will find maps, videos, and articles, in addition to information about upcoming courses. 

Social Community Resources

Here you will find various different practice groups and forums for discussions about our shared learnings within the domain of Somatic Consent. 

You are the movement

As members of this community,  we are dedicated to moving beyond the mindset of “I only give to get” or
“I do in order to get a response.” Here, you will encounter others who are truly ready for change, and prepared to do the work to embody the difference.


Why is community such an important part of Somatic Consent?

When you connect with people who share your values and practices, you find ways to break your patterns and find acceptance and support. This enables you to move beyond the old paradigm ways of connecting with yourself and with others.

Touch is the social glue of intimate connection

-Matthias Schwenteck