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Foundations of Somatic Consent

Awakening to a deeper experience of life


Hello and welcome to the self-study online course:

Foundations of Somatic Consent


This course is, first and foremost, about a change in the way you experience your hands—and everything is based on that change.

Here you’ll begin your journey of embodied somatic experience in relation to consent.

This will lead to an awakened experience of touch and being touched, deeper connection and intimacy with others.

The touch practices you’ll learn are extremely simple and fun to play with. They opens up the kind of clarity and ease that nothing else can.

You’re not going to learn about techniques or tricks.

It’s much more about what you’re able to notice… and what happens when you notice that.

So the steps here in this course are a change in the way you feel your skin and engage with others.

This course serves as a reference that you can come back to at any time as you continue to practice.

The practices enrich and deepen over time as your awareness, acuity and skills grow on your path of personal and spiritual growth. 


Part of this online course is a lifetime membership to join the live Foundations Community Zoom calls each Saturday at 10am CET.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to discuss what comes up for you on your journey of somatic consent, get support from our facilitators and connect with others.

Find the Zoom link at the end of the course!


Please note: 

If you’ve already completed the ‘Pleasure and Play’ Course, you’ll be familiar with Modules 2 and 4.

After completing Module 1, please go to Modules 3 and 5 unless you’d like to review, refresh and deepen your skills.



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