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Foundations of Somatic Consent

Activate the somatic inflow in your hands and learn how to communicate consent.

Hello and welcome to the Online course – Foundations of Somatic Consent.

This course is first and foremost about a change in the way you experience your hands and is based on that change.

It is about a practice that is extremely simple and very fun to play with,
It is for two or more people and it involves touch.
It opens up for you to this kind of clarity and ease that nothing else can.

You don’t learn here about technique nor tricks.
It’s much more about what you’re able to notice… and what happens when you notice that.
So the steps here in this course are a change in the way you feel your hands and engage with people around you.

The game it is base on is called:
“The 3-minute game.
It got Invented by Harry Faddis.
It’s about the process of who is doing the action and who is it for and learning to distinguish between receiving and giving. What they are and probably more importantly what they are not and how they affect your experience of touching and being touched.

You will learn the steps to practice the game, how it works, and how to play it.

And then you will get the Somatic Consent Engagement System drawn out,
how it all fits together as a guideline for personal and spiritual development.

The course will show you how to find the somatic experiences and get you started creating a different reality of touch, intimacy, and connection related to consent.

It’s also my intention that this course serves as a reference for those of you who have already been in touch with my work or learned about it somewhere else or have taken one of my events or sessions.

It serves as a reference that you can come back to at any time.
As you are going through the experiences in this class, it might take you a few weeks or even months for it to land.

It is the practice that really enriches and deepens over time as your awareness, acuity and your skills grow, it will get richer and richer over time.

For sure you will have your ahas right away.
But again, the deepening over time is where it is getting really rich.

Please take as much time as you personally need, and I hope you enjoy playing with it as much as I do.

Note:  If you have done the course “Pleasure and Play”
you have done Module 2+4 already, please jump after module 1, straight to Module 3 and 5
If you like to deepen your inflow and the 3 Minute Game please do Module 2+4  as often as you like.

Part of this online course is a lifetime membership to Join the live Foundation community zoom calls, every Saturday 10am CET links are at the end of the course.


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