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    • Full access to the Enhanced Pleasure self-study online course.
      Value 197€ / 3 Month
    • Weekly Live group Foundations Calls on zoom for feedback and support from your team
      Value 997€ / Year
    • Your Student Handbook
    • 1 x weekly online Hand Meditation practice, for deep inner and outer transformation
      Value 297€ / Year
    • Monthly group zoom Consent Lab to practice your new skills
      Value 297€ / Year
    • Monthly Monday Community Call to connect with like-minded others
    • Prioritised access to Somatic Consent’s entire curriculum of best-in-group programs to transform every dimension of your life with live sessions featuring our best trainers, practitioners, and facilitators
    • Access to the Academy’s private social network, where you can connect, share and grow with fellow members in your city and around the world
      Value 197€ / Year

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Choose Your Preferred Somatic Consent Academy Transformation

Foundations Of Enhanced Pleasure

Online Course
€197 Lifetime Access
  • 3 month access to the course material
  • 5 modules
  • 20 hours of video training
  • Workbooks

Enhanced Pleasure Academy Training

Online Course + Community
397 Lifetime Access
  • Full access to course material
  • Access to the Somatic Consent Academy
  • Weekly live support calls (90')
  • Monthly 2-hour ConsentLab Workshop
  • Weekly 15' waking up the hands meditation
  • Deduct €397 from any Academy Program
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The Curriculum

Explore The Foundations Of Enhanced Pleasure Course

The Foundation of Enhanced Pleasure is an 5 Module online course created by Somatic Consent Academy’s founder and instructor Matthias Schwenteck. This course is full of transformational wisdom for your individual embodiment.

You’ll be guided through the Method’s signature tools and training – to harness your body’s ability to experience altered states of consciousness.

Your core practice will take just 5 – 10 easy minutes a day.

As you progress, you’ll start accessing your inner powers in often-surprising ways. 

For instance, you’ll feel rushes of confidence and love for yourself and others – and you’ll notice your intuition and creativity beginning to flourish as ingenious solutions and ‘a-ha’ moments arise spontaneously. 

By the end of the training, you’ll have mastery of your body’s pleasure capability -as well as a clear path towards your fullest human potential to feel.

Available on your Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone

The journey begins with a strong foundation in the Method’s core  techniques. You’ll practice a simple Touch Meditation which trains you to perceive from an embodied place. From here you can easily access your personal truth in each moment. You’ll also become well-versed in the world-famous 3-Minute Game, learning how to voice your desires and boundaries with ease. You’ll gain ‘go-to’ tools for all your daily experiences, engagements  and needs—whether that’s to do with physical and mental performance, or emotional wellbeing.

Highlights include:

  • A tactile meditation for physical and mental relaxation: Master The Method’s beautifully optimised approach to touch meditation (no prior meditation experience necessary)
  • A neurological exercise: Rapidly raise your awareness with this iconic exercise. Ideal for focus, relaxation, and amplified creativity and intuition
  • A technique to access your Direct Inflow: Harnesses all your senses to create vivid experiences in your body that help you manifest your reality—as you want it
  • Your very first 3-Minute Game: Discover your capacity to notice feedback from your somatic body — and feel beyond your ‘meaning making’ mind
  • The heart core is our Weekly Live group Foundations Calls on zoom for feedback and support from your team
  • And so much more…

Next, you’ll discover how to access your subtle feelings and intuitive abilities. This will allow you to make easier choices, notice more opportunities, and connect on a deeper level to your surroundings and circumstances. You’ll gain a variety of tools to achieve this.

Highlights include:

  • The 3 Components of Pleasure: Harness each one, so you can benefit from your full spectrum of untapped intelligence
  • Self and Co-regulation: Powerful insight based on Polyvagal Theory, to dissolve stress and confusion, turning the best possible outcome into your reality
  • Connecting Consciously: A deeper expansion of your perceptive abilities which opens you up even greater insight and perspective
  • Engaging Exchanges: Advance your awareness through practice exchanges to supercharge your intuitive abilities, allowing you to access information based on empathy and compassion beyond your normal senses
  • And much more

Through a series of immersive tools and exercises, you’ll uncover each of your true desires, and chart a smooth path towards manifesting them into your reality. You’ll also explore the phenomenon of harnessing your feelings to encourage transformation.

Highlights include:

  • Desires, Limits, Boundaries: A step-by-step framework guides you to differenciate and focus on  your desires, limits and boundaries
  • Beyond a goal: Gain evolved presence by slowing down which allows you to achieve with far greater joy and ease
  • Healing the body with pleasure: Heal yourself, soothe pain, and alleviate symptoms of illness through the feeling-body connection
  • Supporting others with presence: From pets to your loved ones, discover how you can expand your touch abilities outwards from yourself
  • And much more

You’ll progress to gain advanced tools and insights that give you perfect access to altered states. This will enhance your intuition, empathy, confidence and meditative abilities. We’ll also explore a framework that enables you to communicate everything you’ve learned into your daily life—so you’ll enjoy tangible and consistent benefits from here onwards.

Highlights include:

  • Embody next level engagement : Utilize The Method’s most powerful technique to support yourself and others in daily life
  • Feeling with your consciousness: The ultimate level of empathy, to connect on a deeper level with others
  • The science of emotional-body healing through pleasure: Explore how emotional body connection actually feels, harness it to its fullest potential, and use it as a complement to conventional healing practices
  • Designing your Daily Practice: Receive guidance on how to integrate your newfound abilities into every area of your life to gain a lifetime of positive outcomes

The Academy Weekly Schedule


Monthly Monday



Monthly Monday




Foundation Call

Monthly ConsentLab

Extra Care Bonus When You Join Now

Extra Care Bonus:

Personal Onboarding Session And Experience Call With One Of Us 

In this live online meeting, you’ll be personally welcomed and have any queries answered. You’ll be coached & guided in the best way to begin your journey with us,  how to gain support within our community and get tips about resources and events. 

Here's what other graduates say about their transformation

Feeling grateful! These fun methods were the beginning of an exciting adventure of discovery—that lifted a kind of veil, revealing a whole new language of pleasure and relating that had been in my body... all along.
Nina Marie
United Kingdom
"My main finding in this training was the direct link between experienced sensations and deep relational patterns. It's like a fun, pleasurable Sherlock Holmes path. So much vital information for life expanding options. Especially the combination of theory, bodywork, nervous system and attachment theory makes the knowledge so liberating personally."
Janne Milton
"What attracted me is a combination of the following things: simplicity via the hands, focus on sexual/life force pleasure energy, and the neuroscience with it. That combination is just so much me, it felt like finding a soulmate in approach. It's the unique combination of theoretical and practical that nourishes both the academic in me and the practical energy body worker."
Jonathan Beger

Your life-changing transformation begins with The Somatic Consent Academy & the Fondation Of Enhanced Pleasure Online Course

  • As an Academy Member, you get access to The Somatic Consent Engagement System’s Foundation of Enhanced Pleasure Online Course- plus an extraordinary community to support you in transforming every dimension of your life.
  • In addition to unleashing your fullest potential, level up your career, wealth, health, relationships, and more with Somatic Consent’s advanced programs.
  • Each powered by the world’s best Somatic Consent teachers
  • With leading-edge learning tools and technology
  • And the most passionate community of change-makers on earth
  • The Academy Membership gives you everything you need to awaken your greatness—and attain the impossible every single day.

What’s included

Academy Curriculum

30+ Enriching Embodiment Lessons For All Areas Of Your Life

Academy Live

Regular Live Sessions With Worldclass Facilitators Of The Art

Academy Meditation

Weekly Meetings to Deepen The Embodiment Of Your Practice

Academy Connection

A Private Social Network And Meet-ups To Connect And Thrive

Why joining The Academy Today?

3 Powerful Advantages Only Available Now:


Choose the Academy Training and get a special bonus:

By securing the training now, you’re getting a vast bonus on the Academy, compared to the course. This makes an already great deal for your transformational education even more affordable.


Priority access to The Enhanced Pleasure Program starting at the beginning of next month

Next month, a dedicated group of people from around the world will begin their journey together. Academy programs are collaborative experiences designed to simulate engaging online classes, run by expert facilitators. And so for the best experience and outcome, we recommend securing your spot in the group by becoming a Academy Member now (although you can still start at any time and learn at your own pace).


Join a special one-on-one welcome at your onboarding call with an Academy facilitator:

Get the best possible start to your journey with this Private Zoom Call, where you’ll connect with the team and discover how to make the most of your Membership. Plus you’ll meet other members so you have all the support you need to thrive from the first day.

Joining the Academy now, and begin your transformational journey.

Enroll Today And Safe Over €2000 /Year

Foundations Of Enhanced Pleasure

Online Course
197 Lifetime Access
  • 3 month access to the course material
  • 5 modules
  • 20 hours of video training
  • Workbooks

Enhanced Pleasure Academy Training

Online Course + Community
397 Lifetime Access
  • Full access to course material
  • Access to the Somatic Consent Academy
  • Weekly live support calls (90')
  • Monthly 2-hour ConsentLab Workshop
  • Weekly 15' waking up the hands meditation
  • Deduct €397 from any Academy Program
best value

Matt is a German-born Consciousness Facilitator. His own journey began in 1997 at the age of 29.

Via his own personal practice and direct experience, he has nurtured an ethos of communication, love and power within—with absolute integrity.

With Somatic Consent, he went on to create the first consent school of its kind in 2018.

Over the last 20+ years, Matt has travelled to over 60 countries, teaching and learning from the most integrated leaders, teachers, and masters of pleasure and conscious development.

Born with a desire to impact and innovate, he is a pioneer in the worldwide field of holistic sexual healing, pleasure, de-armouring and community empowerment.

He has trained thousands of practitioners and individuals from all over the world in his methodologies, programs and events.

He teaches at international events, sharing his expertise on the topics of conscious leadership, relating, and profound personal transformation.

He is committed to supporting conscious change-makers and professionals, enabling them to transform into healthy role models and embodied leaders.

His holistic facilitation supports people to overcome self-sabotage, low self-esteem and limiting beliefs so that they too can live more pleasurable, authentic, confident lives, true to their own individual purpose.

His clients go on to create what they desire and deserve—while contributing greatly to positive collective impact.

How Over Pleasing People Can Use One Simple Yet Powerful Method To Overcome Their Intimacy Issues And Finally Have The Relationships They Deserve​

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