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Enhanced Pleasure

Let Us Guide You To Enhance Your Pleasure Into A SUPERPOWER & Show You How To Create Real Intimacy & Authentic Connections

Let’s Explore Together In The Somatic Consent Enhanced Pleasure Coaching Program

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What you will get

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 Enhanced Pleasure

 Self-study Online Course 197€


 Enhanced Pleasure

 Online Training €397

 – Somatic Consent Community access on  Mighty Networks
 – 90 min Saturday Zoom Foundation Calls

 – Weekly waking up the Hands Meditation
 – Monthly ConsentLab

 – Monthly Monday Meetings
 – Student Handbook
- 2 Apps, Touch Consent & Play, & APEX Dating


Enhanced Pleasure Coaching 3 Month Program €1997

 (Including the Enhanced Pleasure  Course and Training) 397€


 3 x 60 min of individual coaching  750€


 60 min group coaching call per week 850€


 Base, Self-Love / Self-Care



Apex, Love and care


The E-Book

Orgasmic Blueprint


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This is a Runnng Coaching Program with a series of live Zoom calls and includes the foundation of Enhanced Pleasure online course and training and The Book Orgasmic Blueprint.

You will be part of an online learning community and journey together in a group with live Group sessions facilitated by trained facilitators.  You will be guided through a series of videos, maps and experiential exercises for you to learn in an easy, conscious way. There will be practices that can be used in your personal or professional life. No prior experience is necessary for this Program. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can start where you are and find new levels of awareness.

What we will explore

Here's what other graduates say about their transformation

What drew me specifically to this training was the direct link between experienced sensations and deep relational patterns. It's like a fun, pleasurable Sherlock Holmes path. So much vital information for life expanding options. Especially the combination of theory, bodywork, nervous system and attachment makes the knowledge so liberating personally.
Janne Milton
What drew me is a combination of the following things: simplicity via the hands, focus on sexual/life force pleasure energy, and the neuroscience with it. That combination is just so much me, it felt like finding a soulmate in approach. It's the unique combination of theoretical and practical that nourishes both the academic in me and the practical energy body worker.
Jonathan Beger
What drew me to this specific teaching is that I am working a lot on feeling myself and the full range of my emotions, a combination of releasing the pattern of needing others to feel Self. It all resonates deeply and I would love to teach it. I think it's so important for children to learn this early on - can you imagine a society where it's part of the basic schooling?!
Bas van der Tang
The Netherlands
So much has emerged within me from a daily practice of this. Noticing how safe I feel (during the practice) has made my body begin realising how deeply unsafe I felt before. I awoke to the reality of a mind full of thoughts, in a body that didn’t feel safe. After noticing how desperately my body was screaming for security, I began holding hot bread at every meal. I finally understand now why I, as a Jew, was taught to say a blessing, while holding hot bread in my hands. This slowing down to experience allows us to notice so much. It demands my truth. It strips me of my stories, like my need to give to be worthy of friends. It brings me home, back to my foundation. It has awoken in its embodied aspect, parts of me that were only skimmed over before. This work is freedom. I am returning to myself, and finally experiencing in an embodied manner exactly when I'm selling myself short and not in my integrity.
Schmuell Schuck
I took your online class about Touch, Shadow and Relationships because I was interested in the shadow aspect. Your explanation of the Somatic Consent Engagement System and how it relates to our patterns of behaviour when we don't get what we want or we don't say no to what we don't want really resonated with me. It helped me to understand certain passive aggressive tendencies I employ as a defence mechanism. Through Somatic Consent I feel as though I can rewire certain behaviours and reactions. I feel more connected to my true 'yes' and I feel more empowered to say no and enforce my boundaries.
Heather Broussard
Feeling grateful! These fun methods were the beginning of an exciting adventure of discovery—that lifted a kind of veil, revealing a whole new language of pleasure and relating that had been in my body... all along.
Nina Marie
United Kingdom
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Ready to Transform?

Join us online as we share our experiences and practice together. This virtual container will guide you through deepening your understanding and amplifying your awareness.


The basis of any transformation is a strong foundation. Take your time, and ease yourself into the world of Somatic Consent.  Access your own inflow.

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This program is offered in multiple formats:


Learn at your own pace.

This course allow you to access the materials at your own pace as you deepen your understanding and amplify your awareness. This allows for maximum absorption, integration and application in your daily life.

Live Online Training:

Online Training

Join us online as we share our experiences and practice together in a transformative Community. This virtual container will guide you through deepening your understanding and amplifying your awareness.

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