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Foundations of Somatic Consent

The core embodiment of Somatic Consent: making empowered choices and communicating consent.

These foundational teachings will guide you into the base of Somatic Consent, where the main focus will be to activate your hands, improve the quality of your touch, explore consensual touch, and learn how to separate doing from giving and discover deeper layers of receiving. This live online training will teach you how to embody the Somatic Consent Engagement System.


An online training with a series of live video calls.

You will be part of an online learning community and journey together in a group with weekly live sessions facilitated by Matthias.  You will be guided through a series of videos, maps and experiential exercises for you to learn in an easy, conscious way. There will be practices that can be used in your personal or professional life. No prior experience is necessary for this training. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can start where you are and find new levels of awareness.

What you will learn

  • The difference between giving and receiving, in relation to the action.
  • How to activate the somatic inflow as the foundation of the Somatic Consent Engagement System.
  • Waking up the hands and the 3-minute game.
  • How to access to your own physical joy and pleasure and the ability to take action towards the experience of these states.
  • Radical self-ownership and self-responsibility.
  • The structure of the Somatic Consent Engagement System and how to use it in daily life with those around you.

Ready to get started?

Starting Dates Coming Soon

Join us online as we share our experiences and practice together. This virtual container will guide you through deepening our understanding and amplifying your awareness.

This program is offered in multiple formats:

In-person WORKSHOP:

Upcoming In-person Workshop date to be Announced Soon

Hopefully, we can all go to workshops soon again and learn what we choose, Please connect with us to invite this live workshop into your town and community

Online Course:

Learn at your own pace.​

This course allow you to access the materials at your own pace as you deepen your understanding and amplify your awareness. This allows for maximum absorption, integration and application in your daily life.

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