Somatic Consent Year Training

Upgrade your individual thoughtware and professional embodiment

Empower yourself to empower others

We’re on a collective journey to discover the bliss we were all meant to experience.

An orgasmic blueprint lies at the core of humanity—and we have the code!

Whether you feel called to work with individuals or groups, empowering yourself in order to empower others is key.

  • Together we’ll explore ways to find more ease, joy and integrity in our connections with others.
  • You’ll learn how to provide sessions and workshops that reveal and enrich personal choice, empowerment, communication, connection and intimacy.
  • You’ll learn to skilfully guide others to personal liberation through the wisdom of their own bodies.
  • You’ll gain a deep understanding of interpersonal consent and apply it within your personal life and professional work.


Join us to share these practices with the world!

There will be a strong emphasis on deepening and developing your emotional and erotic fluency, which will inspire your own further personal and spiritual transformation.

You can only guide others as deeply as you’ve gone yourself.

The deeper you go, the deeper you will be able to guide others.

The journey starts with you.

What participants say

Who is this training for and what will we learn?

This course provides the very best embodied consent training in the world.

It is a perfect foundational course for facilitators, educators, practitioners and therapists of all disciplines and modalities. 

The training qualifies you as a listed Somatic Consent facilitator and practitioner within our community of experts.

It is a deep dive into yourself within a community of like-minded explorers.

Together we take this transformative journey, fine-tuning hands-on skills, intuition, emotional and somatic intelligence.

At the peak of the training, you’ll embody the ultimate skill. The ability to gift your power to others—holding them fully in their experience of transformation.

During the training we’ll practice with each other. In this way, you’ll also be held, receiving the gift of power from fellow trainees, in order for you to explore your truth.

This journey opens up the most intimate love, care and connection life can provide.

The year certification training equips you with the embodied knowledge, skills and support to:

  • Lead Somatic Consent one-on-one empowerment sessions
  • Lead ConsentLab workshops
  • Lead Foundations of Somatic Consent workshops
  • Lead 4 Pillars of Relating workshops


Click below for the year training full syllabus.


ConsentLab Facilitator

Facilitate a group in a playful exploration of their desires and limits.  Teach the basics of Somatic Consent – how to make requests and agreements based on consent.

Somatic Consent Empowerment Practitioner

As an Empowerment Practitioner, you offer one-on-one empowerment sessions for individuals to increase their somatic sensitivity and ask for exactly what they want to receive.

Foundations of Somatic Consent Facilitator

The art of guiding a group – using a blend of theory, demos and partner exercises – enabling participants to have an embodied experience of their somatic inflow and discover new depths of self-awareness when touching and engaging with others.

4 Pillars of Relating

Teach people life-changing relating skills, with a focus on emotional fluency alongside personal and spiritual development. They will learn how to clearly communicate desires, set boundaries and limits, and make agreements. 

what you will get
Choose to Get certified as an Empowerment Practitioner, ConsentLab Facilitator, Foundations of Somatic Consent Facilitator and 4 Pillars of Relating Facilitator.
Apply and Book a free 15 min introductory call on zoom


A year-long training with 3 in-person modules and a series of online sessions

You will be part of a strong container and journey together for one year facilitated by Matthias and an amazing team for diverse coaching and support throughout.

The training will include:

What you will learn

Are you ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime?

Requirements for certification

What you get

Where & When

Time Investment

In-person modules: 3 x 6 days 

Homework and practice in-between modules: 2-3h per week

In-Person Modules

Module 1
11-16 October 2021
Lucia Yoga Retreat Valencia, Spain

Module 2
11-16 January 2022
Spitzmühle Berlin, Germany

Module 3
25-30 April 2022
Skeppsudden, Sweden

The video showing Spitzmühle (Module 2) does not represent content of the Somatic Consent Year Training. We use this video to only give an idea about the venue. 

Zoom Online Classes

Wednesday 7-9pm (CET)

27. October

10. November

24. November

15. December

5. January

2. February

23. February

9. March

30. March

6. April

Training Fee


The training fee includes all teachings and  materials. 

All investments you have made so far towards other Somatic Consent certifications, you can deduct from the Year Training fee.

For example: If you have done the ConsentLab Facilitation Training this year, you can deduct 597€ from the Year Training Fee.

Costs of food and accommodation per module are paid separately. 
(Additional 450-550 € per module)


Step 1
 Fill out the application form

Step 2
Pay a 200€ deposit and book a call to see if we are a match.

– If we are not a fit, you will get your full deposit back

– Application accepted

Step 3
Pay the rest of the deposit 

Step 4 
Start with the Foundation Course (included in the training)

Step 5
Join the Online Community and Training Group.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

The training is set out to start slowly, while going deep. We wish everyone to be able to explore at their own pace. If this is very new to you then yes, you might feel overwhelmed at times, and we are there to hold the space and provide support if necessary.  

To get you started, please do the Online Course ‘Foundations of Somatic Consent‘ as part of the training.
You are welcome to do the online course independently and then deduct the course fee from the training.
(valid for all course sign-ups from 2021)

(If in doubt please contact Cosima cosima.siegling@googlemail.com to discuss your concerns.)

Yes, it is possible to attend with a partner, though it is not necessary.
If you choose to come as a couple, you are invited to work with different people for exercises.
If you are coming as a couple, please let the organiser know when booking.

All boundaries are honoured and there will be communication support throughout.

To gain certification you must attend all modules and calls  of the Year Training and complete the homework assignments. To certify as an Empowerment Practitioner, you must give at least 10 empowerment sessions. To certify as a Foundations of Somatic Consent Facilitator, you must teach at least 5 workshops (live or online) and you must assist Matt in teaching one workshop. Completion of this online training does not automatically lead to certification; experience and demonstrated competencies are also required. Once you feel ready, you initiate a certification call (included) with Matt. Once certified, you must have two supervision sessions (paid) with Matt per year to keep the certification active.

The exercises vary from energy (no physical touch) to more intimate, sexual journeys. Exploring your erotic self is a part of the training but sexual activity is never obligatory for any participant in any particular exercise. Consent and boundaries are an inherent part of every exercise.  We create a safer container for emotions and triggers that come up during the training.

Yes, you can still join the training if you are unable to attend one of the modules. We are aiming to repeat the training each year, so it might be possible to join the module in the following year. Depending on your skill and experience level, we can explore possibilities for you to cover the material you miss and still be able to certify. This is not guaranteed though.

The Year Training is the most comprehensive training offered in Somatic Consent. While it integrates content from the practitioner training, it goes much deeper. The year long period deliberately includes phases of integration, practice and homework. While for example, while a 4-day intensive workshop can be powerful on its own, for a long-term integration of the teachings in your professional work and everyday life, learning and practising over an extended time is required. A closed group journeying together over a year period provides the necessary container for this learning.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to express your limits, if you don’t want to work with someone.
You are encouraged to honour and express your limits at all time.
We do not assign partners according to gender in the exercises.

The group of participants and the facilitation team will be max. 28 people. We sincerely hope that by the start of the training in October 2021, a group of this size will be allowed to gather. We will discuss an appropriate safety protocol closer to the time. We are aware that the pandemic also affects travel and we are working on a refund policy that takes this into account.

Once the Year Training has started, there is no refund. You can repeat the training for additional costs that will be negotiated individually depending how much of the training you have already done. You can not repeat singular modules. We are working on options to get the educational content of the training in case someone can not attend a module. This is not guaranteed though. If you are in a very difficult financial situation, we are open to discuss refunds individually.


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