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As the Founder of Somatic Consent, Matthias Schwenteck offers a variety of both in-person and online programs to empower individuals, couples, and groups. As an educated facilitator and coach, his priority is to provide safe containers for his clients and students to explore their personal and spiritual development through somatic-sensory experiences.

Are you ready to encounter your deepest truths within intimacy and connection?

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"My deepest longing is that every single human may access their infinite capacity of oneness through touch and connection, to experience the union within and to be able to share that with another… This is one of the greatest gifts that make walking this earth in a physical body worthwhile.”

~ Matthias Schwenteck ~

Receiver Level

Waking up Pleasure in the Hands is a journey that will guide you into a new sensory experience of the pleasure that your own hands can bring, when they truly learn to feel. 

The 3-Minute Game is a radical inquiry into the nature of both giving and receiving. It is a practice that can be both playful and deep, as we dive into a new reality of touch, intimacy and connection related to consent.

Free Online Course

A 2-Part Course:

Waking up Pleasure in Your Hands
+ The 3-Minute Game

This course offers an intro into the first and most important experiences of awakening to touch. In these online sessions, you will access undiscovered realms of your own physical pleasure as you learn how to activate your awareness of somatic inflow! 

Explorer Level 1


This is an 2-4 hour experiential play space to practice the dynamics based on the
Somatic Consent Engagement System live in-person or online .
Copenhagen, November 11th

Explorer Level 2

The Foundations of Somatic Consent

The key to Somatic Consent lies in making empowered choices and communicating consent. This foundational course will guide you through activating your hands, improving the quality of your touch, and exploring consensual touch. Through these teachings, you will learn how to separate doing from giving, and discover deeper layers of receiving within yourself.

Initiator Level

Embodied Empowerment & Intimate Relating

There is an art to practicing how to increase sensitivity and your relationship to pleasure. These courses will help you learn tools for greater connection and emotional fluency. This can lead to the mastery of communication, boundaries/limits, and agreement-formation. Together, we will use a variety of interactive games and exercises for interpersonal connection as well as personal/spiritual development.

Educator Level

Practitioner Intensive

Facilitation literally means to make something easy. My job as a facilitator is to make it easy for people to have the experience they choose to have and to make certain experiences more accessible to them.

Leadership and facilitation

Online Course

Embodied Empowerment and Intimate Relating

Online Course

Leadership Level

Empowerment Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Online Training

Learn the gift of empowering others and share this work with the world. Be part of a transformative community of practitioners and facilitators.

Leadership and Embassador Level

Year Training (2021/22)
Registration opens soon

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Personal and spiritual education program for individuals, couple and professional facilitators and practitioners

"You cannot learn touch through words, but you have to learn the right words before you can experience touch fully."

~ Matthias Schwenteck ~