Starter course

Pleasure and Play

Love yourself as a foundation to communicate and connect with other within consent.​

Are you ready to awaken your sensing and selfloving  abilities to pleasure and play?

This course is designed to amplify your ability to touch and receive. Your hands and skin loves to feel – so we  let them.  Do you know how to feel your hands and skin?

In this series, you will be guided through a set of exercises that will awaken your sensory inflow, activate a state of active listening, and increase your ability to experience pleasure and play.


This offering consists of two distinct courses with:

  • 20 instructional videos
  • Written course and  handbook materials
  • A series of games, exercises and reflections
  • Useful learning materials & documents covering 13 of the core somatic consent principles

What you will learn

During this course you will learn how to:

Ready to get started?

Learn to really love yourself!
New realms of pleasure and play are just a click away.



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