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Somatic Consent
Professional Mastery

An advanced 5-day workshop for all touch professionals

Professional Mastery

Upgrade your professional practice by becoming consent-informed

Are you a touch facilitator or practitioner looking to take your skills to the next level? 

Join our 5-day Professional Mastery Workshop, a transformative experience designed for professionals like you. Whether you’re already experienced in hands-on work or just starting your journey, this workshop will enrich your practice with the tools and knowledge of Somatic Consent.

This workshop is a deep dive into consent-informed practice for everybody working hands-on with people in somatic healing, bodywork, coaching, counselling or touch-related workshops in a sexual or non-sexual field.

This workshop is not about bodywork techniques, but instead learning how to empower others to make choices, express desires and limits, and make clear agreements based on consent. You will learn how to give your gift of power to your clients for their higher good of healing and transformation.

This workshop includes five days of immersive learning and practice with the first two days focused on your own embodiment of the Somatic Consent teachings, and the last three days focused on the application of these teachings to professional settings (1-on-1 sessions and groups)

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Why attend the Professional Mastery workshop?

This workshop will guide you through the Somatic Consent Engagement System, a powerful tool to improve the quality of your touch, up-level your communication skills, and create clear agreements, so that you can guide your clients and students into satisfying connection to themselves and others.

Who is doing the action and who is it for? Getting clarity on these two questions is essential if you use touch in your profession. You need to know the difference between giving and receiving. And you need to empower people to make their own choices so that they do not default to pleasing or going along with what YOU say or what they think you would like.

These teachings will enable you to create clear, strong and effective containers for transformation based on integrity and care.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for professionals who work with people and need clear guidelines on consent-related themes such as boundaries, relationships, body ownership, sexuality, communication and touch.

It’s relevant for anyone who works closely with people, such as massage therapists, tantra practitioners, sex workers, doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, educators and anyone holding workshops on themes related to touch and connection.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting out as a practitioner or a well-seasoned professional; the learnings from this training will guide you deeper, with profound results for your clients and students.

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What you will learn

The Somatic Consent Engagement System:

Putting it into practice professionally:

Are you ready to take the next step on your professional journey?

Meet your guides

Matthias Schwenteck

Founder of THE Somatic Consent Academy

Matt Schwenteck has been a hands-on practitioner since 2009 and has given over 1000 sessions in body and sexual dearmouring, touch and intimacy, empowerment, couples counselling, and sexual awareness.

Matt is the founder of Somatic Consent and the Somatic Consent Academy, offering groundbreaking teachings in the realms of pleasure, relating, empowerment and embodied consent.

With a focus on supporting conscious change-makers and professionals, Matt has trained thousands of individuals and practitioners worldwide, empowering them in lives and teaching them how to empower their own clients and participants.

Lorenzo Stiernquist

Lorenzo Stiernquist is a tantra teacher, consent facilitator, Sexsibility coach and the founder of the Sexsibility coach training and the Sexsibility festival. In his work he focuses on consent, sexuality, intimacy,  spirituality, pleasure and healing. He offers trainings, workshops, individual sessions, coaching and  massage. 

He supports people to be more present, to feel more alive and enjoy life on a deeper level and transform shame, guilt and blockages that may block that experience — by embracing and being with what is. The purpose is simply to experience more love. 


Lorenzo Stiernquist

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Where & When

In-Person Workshop

10 – 14 November 2023

Daily 10:00 – 17:00


Get the event location after registration

Workshop Fee

Earlybird until 15 October 2023: €597

Regular: €997


This is a non-residential workshop. Food, accommodation and travel costs are not included.

The Professional Mastery workshop fee is deductible from the Somatic Consent Year Training 2024.


To register, fill out the form below.

Once submitted, you will be directed to a payment page .

Workshop Guidelines

This workshop is all about experiencing the Somatic Consent Engagement System and learning how to apply it professionally.

The System itself and your own experiences will guide your learning. You can expect moments of surprise, joy, challenge, tenderness and vulnerability. Sometimes challenges will take the spotlight, and at other times you will enjoy pleasant surprises!

Here’s how we interact with each other:

  1. Boundaries during exercises: All exercises will be clothes on and will not include sexual touch.
  2. Being honest: If someone says or does something that breaks the guidelines or crosses a personal limit, try to address it as it happens. If needed we will address it as a group.

  3. Confidentiality: Don’t share other people’s names or personal stories outside the event. Respect privacy.

  4. Share your experience: Speak from your own point of view. Use “I” statements, like “I feel” or “I notice.”  Take responsibility for your own experience.

  5. Respect identities: Use the names and pronouns people prefer.

  6. Feelings are welcome: It’s okay to feel whatever you feel. You don’t need to explain or justify your feelings. Allow others the same — no fixing or giving advice.

Here’s what we encourage for your personal experience:

  1. Self-care: Make sure you’re comfortable and take responsibility for your own self-care. Take breaks, stretch, whatever helps you. If you need something specific, try asking for it.

  2. Participate in your way: You can choose your level of participation in activities at all times. Feel free to observe, write in your journal, take breaks, or change your mind!

  3. Mindful sharing: Be aware in your conversations. Give others a chance or practice speaking up.

  4. Stay curious: Even if you know something about Somatic Consent, approach it with a fresh perspective. There’s always more to learn!

As facilitators, we will do our best to make sure these guidelines are followed and gently remind you if needed. If we make mistakes, we’ll do our best to make things right with humility and goodwill.

We don’t tolerate any form of harassment. If someone violates this, they might be asked to leave without a refund, depending on what the organisers decide.

This workshop is not for you if are looking for a:

      • Certification: This won’t certify you to teach Somatic Consent, although you can use what you learn in your own teaching (see the Somatic Consent Year Training for certification).
      • Therapy: This isn’t therapy, even though it might be challenging and growthful.


What the Professional Mastery IS:

This workshop teaches you the practice of Somatic Consent. I will help you experience the four ways of touch and discuss how to use these insights in your profession. As you deepen your practice, you’ll find this useful in many areas of your life, like family, friends, work, and any social situation. You are free to choose how you want to apply it!

I welcome you to this transformative journey.

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