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Somatic Consent: A Functional Model for Embodied Relating

What is Somatic Consent?

Somatic consent is a model for embodied relating that emphasizes the importance of mutual consent and respect for bodily boundaries in all kinds of touch-based interactions. This model is grounded in the principles of somatic awareness, communication, and choice, and it can be applied in various contexts, such as intimate relationships, professional settings, and social interactions.

The Key Elements of Somatic Consent

  • 1. Awareness of bodily sensations and boundaries
  • 2. Clear communication
  • 3. Mutual agreement
  • 4. Respect for autonomy

The somatic consent model provides a framework for respectful and empowering touch-based interactions that prioritize the needs and boundaries of all parties involved.

How to Apply Somatic Consent

If you're interested in learning more about how to apply somatic consent in your own life or work, there are many resources available, including workshops, trainings, and online courses. Some key principles to keep in mind include:

  • 1. Start with awareness: Cultivate somatic awareness through practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and bodywork.
  • 2. Communicate clearly: Be able to express your boundaries, preferences, and desires clearly and respectfully, and also be able to listen and respond to the boundaries, preferences, and desires of others.
  • 3. Negotiate mutually: Agree to give and receive consent freely and to check in regularly to ensure that consent is still present.
  • 4. Respect autonomy: Recognize and respect each individual's autonomy and agency.

By applying these principles, you can create more fulfilling and respectful touch-based interactions in all areas of your life.

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Your Pleasure Upgrade

The 4 Essensials of Somatic Consent



Permission Line

your action, for you | their action, for them

Agreement Line

your action, for them | Their action, for you

Interpersonal, Being a Gift, Love and Care for Others


Why Somatic Consent?

The Human Need for Intimacy

As human beings, we all need intimacy. We all want meaningful connection with those that are dear to us. But how many of us are actually keeping ourselves from this because of our conditioned ways of relating?

Shadows & Programmed Beliefs

We’ve all developed unconscious survival strategies in order to feel accepted. 

Most of us have patterns of behaving along the lines of:

“I do something to make you feel happy, so that you’ll love me and I’ll belong.”

We’re conditioned to believe we’re better people if our actions focus on giving for the sake of others—and that receiving through our own action is connected to selfishness, violation, abuse or other shadow behaviour.

But what if we’re also allowed to go into action for our own benefit—to receive pleasure—and that this isn’t at all selfish but greatly adds to the benefit of all involved?

Communication - The Pathway to Freedom

Somatic Consent offers engagement & communication tools to break old patterns, so that you learn to authentically respond to others. It helps you establish the organic balance between desires & boundaries. You learn how to ask for what you really want, and how to go into authentic action for your own benefit while respecting the limits of others.

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