Online Training

4 Pillars of Relating

Learn tools for the greatest connection to yourself and others.

This training will profoundly enhance your relationship skills. Discover effective communication of desires, establishing boundaries, and forging agreements. Embrace emotional fluency and personal/spiritual growth. Explore pathways to heighten skin sensitivity, fostering meaningful touch and connections. These tools empower you to embrace radical responsibility for your choices and actions within your world.


An online training to complete at your own pace..

Engage in numerous interactive games and exercises designed for effortless, lighthearted, and mindful learning. Apply these activities to both personal and professional contexts. This course welcomes all levels, so whether you’re a novice or experienced, embrace your starting point and unlock fresh levels of awareness.


A series of live Zoom calls laying the groundwork for Somatic Consent.

Join a vibrant online learning community and embark on a collective journey through group sessions led by Matt or his trained facilitators. You’ll navigate a series of videos, maps, and experiential exercises, ensuring an effortless and mindful learning experience. These practices are applicable to both personal and professional realms. This training accommodates all levels—whether you’re new or seasoned, start from where you are and elevate your awareness.

What you will learn

The Journey

  • A solid introduction to the evolutionary dynamic of a somatic education combined with relational engagement.
  • Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection and embodiment through feeling self-awareness and relational attunement.
  • Move your relationship from survival to trust as you explore self-love and connection.
  • Own your innocent vulnerability in a space of permission and agreements.
  • Reclaim your body and skin as an intelligent recourse, an inner compass with your felt senses.
  • Explore to be fully present in the body and practice your unique expression in your own space and in connection to you peers.
  • Experience the base of self-love and self-care.
  • Develop the capacity to take radical responsibility for your boundaries and desires, through present moment awareness.
  • Evolve your sensitivity for the impact you have on others.
  • Become aware of who you really are as the gift here on earth.
  • Take part of spiritual evolution from within.

What you will learn

Ready to Transform?

Join a transformative collective.
 The most effective way  to master intimacy, love and connection.

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