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Learn how to facilitate safe spaces based on consent.

Would you like to guide people in a playful exploration of their desires and limits? Would you like to empower people to make requests and consensual agreements?

This training will equip you with the materials and skills to hold a group container for workshops based on consent. The principles of facilitation that you will learn in this training can be applied to any workshop or event you lead.  You are invited to apply what you learn to whatever material you are teaching, and to experiment with it.

We will use the ConsentLab workshop as material to explore what the facilitation of consent-based learning looks like in practice. If you would like to be certified to facilitate the ConsentLab, this training is a prerequisite. 

What is the ConsentLab?

The ConsentLab is a workshop that supports people to identify their desires and limits in a playful and experiential way. It covers the basics of Somatic Consent, including how to make requests and say “yes” or “no”. The workshop can be delivered in-person or online and creates a safe container for personal exploration.

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An online training with a series of live zoom calls.

You will be part of an online learning community and journey together in a group with weekly live sessions facilitated by the Somatic Consent team throughout.

This training will include:

What you will learn

This training is for you if…

Prerequisites for ConsentLab Facilitator Certification

Completion of this online training does not automatically lead to certification; experience and demonstrated competencies are also required. For some with facilitation experience, this will be fairly quick; for others with little experience, it will take a number of workshops to gain the skills.

What you get once certified

DATES, TIMES & Investments:

Enrole on the go,
Every beginning of the Month

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