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5-Day Wake Up Pleasure
In The Hands
Meditation Challenge

Improve your life and relationships by re-learning how to experience pleasure, desires and boundaries

Hello and welcome to the Somatic Consent 5-Day Wake Up Pleasure In the Hands challenge.

In this challenge you will be guided back to the experience of pleasure, desire, boundaries and emotion!

During the next 5 days you will practice guided meditations that guides you deeper into experiencing the touch-sensations of your hands


Step 1:

Join our private group on Mighty Networks and introduce yourself in the chat. We'd love to get to know you!

Step 2:

follow us on social media and make sure to favorite us and enable notifications so you will know when we go
LIVE on facebook or zoom

Step 3:

Make sure to "whitelist" Somatic Consent in your email provider and wait for the challenge to kick off tomorrow! Can't wait to get started? Awesome, you can get started with the Theoretical background behind the Wake Up pleasure In the Hands meditation in the next course section!


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