Somatic Consent Education

Effective steps for your professional,
personal and spiritual development

For Individuals and Couples

For Professionals

1 Receiver
2 Explorer
3 Initiator

4 Educator

For Organiser

1 RECEIVER Level - Start your journey with Somatic Consent

The first step is learning how to deeply receive. To embody this vital element, you'll practice breaking the habit of automatic giving. You can only fully give to others, when you yourself can fully receive.

When you tap into your ability to RECEIVE, authentic giving become crystal clear.

This opens up true connection and harmony between people.


- A play buddy to practice with
- Waking up pleasure in the hands meditation (5 minutes per day)
- Play the 3-Minute Game once per week

Things needed?

- The willingness to feel
- The ability to question beliefs
- An open mind and heart for new discoveries

Recommended steps

Watch the accompanying videos and explore the maps.
11 A4 Spiral Notebook Mock-Up-workbook-1x1-somatic-600px
Your neurological upgrade that allows you to become present and attentive in a deeper way than ever before.
Find a buddy and use the Touch Consent and Play App for iPhone and Android, to have all the engaging play material handy.
Practice activating the sensory inflow in your hands daily and play the 3-Minute Game once per week with a play buddy, friend or a lover.
Practice communicating desires, requests and limits in this 2-hour online workshop.
The most effective way to master intimacy, love and relationship How to cultivate your sexuality and blossom your relationship over time

2 EXPLORER Level - Deepen your Somatic Consent experience

You've already embodied the ability to fully receive! You know this is the BASE of self-love and care.

Now you're ready to build on that BASE. This level introduces you to the Engagement System, a perfect communication structure, guiding you to feel into and express your desires and boundaries with ease.


- A play buddy to practice with
- Waking up pleasure in the hands meditation (5 minutes per day)
- Play the 3-Minute Game once per week

Things needed?

- The willingness to feel deeper
- The courage to go beyond conditionings
- The desire to shape a new reality

Recommended steps

Take all the time you need and work through the course at your own pace. Ask for a coupon to deduct any investment you made in the Receiving Level.
pleasure and play small
Take all the time you need and work through the course at your own pace. Ask for a coupon to deduct any investment you made in the Receiving Level. Ask for a coupon to deduct your online course fee.
photo_2022-06-24 14.16.09
This training is a series of live Zoom calls and includes the foundation of Somatic Consent online course. You will be part of an online learning community on Mighty Networks and journey together in a group with weekly live sessions facilitated by Matt or his trained facilitators. You will be guided through a series of videos, maps and experiential exercises for you to learn in an easy, conscious way. There will be practices that can be used in your personal or professional life. No prior experience is necessary for this training. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can start where you are and find new levels of awareness.
photo_2022-06-24 14.16.04
This 2-3 day workshop will teach you how to embody the Somatic Consent Engagement System with a group of people in a in-person event. This includes the All features of the online training.
photo_2022-06-24 14.20.31
Let Us Guide You To Enhance Your Pleasure Into A SUPERPOWER & Show You How To Create Real Intimacy & Authentic Connections. Let’s Explore Together (Including the Foundations Course and and unlimited Academy membership with all Community assets ) 3 x 60 min of individual online live coaching 5 x 60 min group online coaching calls per week.
enhanced pleasure coaching program

3 INITIATOR Level - Introduce others to your embodiment of Somatic Consent

The third step is increasing your relationship skills, as well as your sensual and emotional fluency.

You'll practice clearly communicating your desires, voicing boundaries, setting limits and noticing old patterns.

You'll learn with others through open, fun, consensual play—and practice bringing it into your daily life.

This refreshing approach is a win-win for each person, increasing deep intimacy and real connection.


- A curiosity to play
- A willingness to face shadows
- Re-define 'relationship'

What you will learn

- Taking away the goal and following the pleasure
- Communication and consent skills for daily life
- Apply Somatic Consent to conscious relating

Recommended steps

Take all the time you need and work through the course at your own pace inlcudes the Academy Mebership with all assets
4 pillars-EEIR-course
Meet on Zoom 120min. Journey together with a group of initiators. for 3 Month Wednesdays, Includes the 4 pillars course, and the Enhanced Pleasure coaching program with all assets.
4 pillars relational mastery coaching program
This 4-day workshop will enable you to practice communication, boundaries/limits, and agreement-formation. Ask for a coupon to deduct your live online training fee.
4 pillars-EEIR-workshop

4 EDUCATOR Level - Upgrade your professional skills

This level is a deep dive into professional practice. Perfect for anyone working hands-on with clients (one-on-one or within groups) in the context of somatic healing, therapy, coaching, or counselling—whether sexual or non-sexual in nature.

"We can only guide others as deeply as we've gone ourselves."

As practitioners, it is crucial to explore our own deeply embodied perception, so that we can empower others to do the same.


- Dedication to receive
- Dedication to empower
- Dedication to notice and feel

What you will learn

- Integrity and generosity
- The ability to make sharp assessments
- Clear limits and boundaries
- Transformative communication skills

Recommended steps

Take all the time you need and work through the course at your own pace.
3 month Coaching program, with meetings on Zoom once a week for 120min in a group of experts committed to journeying and transforming together. Includes the practitiner intensive course and all assets of the relational mastery and the enhanced pleasure coaching program.These invertment is deductable from the yeartraining fee.
Professional mastery-coaching program
This 5-day workshop is about the somatic embodiment of consent. Learn how to empower others to make choices, express desires and ask for what they want. Includes all courses and the Academy Membership

5 LEADERSHIP Level - Become a facilitator and leader of Somatic Consent

Add to your unique skills and become qualified to teach Somatic Consent—deepening your gifts of empowering others and sharing this work with the world.

Become a certified Empowerment Practitioner and a certified Facilitator of: the ConsentLab, Foundations of Somatic Consent, 4 Pillars of Relating and the Practitioner Intensive.

Prerequisites for Step 1 and 2 (must have attended one of):

- Live online trainings: 'Foundations of Somatic Consent' and '4 Pillars of Relating'
- Foundations of Somatic Consent workshop
- 4 Pillars of Relating workshop
- Somatic Consent Practitioners Intensive workshop
- Any Wheel of Consent or Like a Pro Workshop

Or join Step 4 - The year training

- Start from the scratch
- Create your reality
- Become an Ambasador fast track

Recommended steps

Learn how to skilfully facilitate the ConsentLab, either in person or online. Meet on Zoom for 3 month.
Somatic Handbook [Recovered]
This 12-week online training equips you with the knowledge, skills and support to become a Facilitator offering the Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure workshop.
This 12-week online training equips you with the knowledge, skills and support to become a practitioner offering one-on-one empowerment sessions or a facilitator of the Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure workshop
The Year Training consists of three in-person, 6-day retreats. This is an intensive journey to empower you to become a certified Empowerment Practitioner offering one-to-one sessions, and a certified Facilitator of the ConsentLab and Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure workshops. This includes all teaching material from the Explorer level and listing on the Somatic Consent website. Optional upgrade to: 4 Pillars of Relating Facilitation; Practitioner Intensive Facilitation. Food and accommodation is not included in the cost.
Including leadership and facilitation
Woven through all levels during the year training for facilitating Somatic Consent

6 AMBASSADOR Level - Exclusive language license of Somatic Consent

Own rights to Somatic Consent within your country in your language. 

We already have Ambassadors for the following countries: US, UK, NL, DE, IE, SW and CH.

Still available: Ambasador for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, China, Japan and other countries on request.

This package includes: The website, App, all programs, books, and teaching materials at all levels—fully translated.

Also included: Certification to train and certify your own facilitators and practitioners of: ConsentLab, Empowerment, Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure and The 4 Pillars of Relating in your native or chosen available language / country.

Only one ambassador certification per language or country available.


- The Somatic Consent Year Training (attendence is a prerequessit)
- All teaching material, the book, the app, the page, the courses
- Educating and Certifying Facilitator in: ConsentLab, Foundations of Somatic Consent, Practitioner Intensive, 4 Pillars of Relating

Vision and Mission

- Create and shape your career
- Create and shape a new reality
- Build a consent culture in your country

How to become an Somatic Consent Ambassador

Includes ConsentLab, Empowerment Practitioner, Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure, and 4 Pillars of Relating facilitation certification.
leadership and facilitation2
Only one ambassador certification per country.
Join an international team of Somatic Consent creators and shape the reality you want to live in.

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