Live inperson Year Training

Leadership & Embassador Level

Certifications for ConsentLab,
Foundation of Somatic Consent Facilitator and Empowerment Practitioner.

Learn and teach the gift of empowering others and share this work with the world.

Be part of a transformative community of practitioners and facilitators.

Do you want to experience the transformative power of Somatic Consent and would like to initiate others into this journey of empowerment and pleasure?

This certification training equips you with the knowledge, skills and support to become a practitioner offering one-on-one empowerment sessions or a facilitator of the Foundations of Somatic Consent workshop.

This is a training to empower you to empower others. 

You will learn how to enable people to activate their somatic inflow, explore touch through distinguishing between who is doing the action and who it is for, communicate their desires and limits, and make agreements based on verbal consent.

Whether you feel called to work with individuals or groups, you will learn how to skillfully guide people to choose, communicate, connect, receive and give, with ease.

This is an opportunity to join a growing community of listed Somatic Consent Practitioners and Facilitators.

Somatic Consent Empowerment Practitioner

As an Empowerment Practitioner, you can offer one-on-one empowerment sessions for individuals to increase their somatic sensitivity and ask for exactly what they want to receive.

Learn more about Empowerment SessionS

Foundations of Somatic Consent & ConsentLab Facilitator

The art of guiding a group – using a blend of theory, demos and partner exercises – enabling participants to have an embodied experience of their somatic inflow and discover new depths of self-awareness when touching and engaging with others.

Learn more about the Foundations of Somatic Consent and Consentlab workshop
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A year long training including 3 in person modules and a series of online calls.

You will be part of a group and journey together for one year facilitated by Matthias and an amazing team for diverse coaching and support throughout.

The training will include:

What you will learn


What you get

Somatic Consent Year Training 
October 2021 - April 2022

Dates & Investment

Time Investment

In person modules: 3x 6 days 

In-between modules: 2-3h per week

Module 1
12.-17. October 2021
Lucia Yoga Retreat Center Granada, Spain

Module 2
11.-16. January 2022
Spitzmühle Berlin, Germany

Module 3
Date & Location tba
∼ March/April 2022


Financial Investment

Training Fee: 4.500€ 

The training fee includes all teachings &  access to materials. 

All investments you have made so far towards other certifiction of Somatic Consent, you can deduct from the year training.

Costs of food & accommodation per module are paid separately. 



Are you ready to join a year long journey of Somatic Consent?

Book a call with Matthias to explore if this training is right for you, and if you are right for this training.

Step 1) Fill out the application form pay a deposit
Step 2) Book a call to see if we are a match
Step 3) Register and Pay
Step 4) Start with the onlie Foundation course
Step 5) Join the community and training group

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