The Secrets of Empowerment

Embarking on a journey of empowerment and mastering the art of relationships isn’t just a dream—it can be your reality.

Contrary to common belief, somatic consent isn’t therapy, but rather a pathway to profound personal growth. It’s a secret skill that enhances connection through touch, enriching both personal life and professional practice. Whether you’re a therapist, a coach, or someone seeking deeper intimacy in relationships, this model is tailored for you.

Matthias journey began over a decade ago as a tantra body worker and facilitator. His exploration led to the co-founding of the School of Consent in 2017 and the Somatic Consent Academy in 2021, marking a new level of awareness and consent practice.

Explore how somatic consent helps in expressing desires, setting boundaries, and making clear agreements. It also shed light on the role of consent in creating safe and fulfilling interactions.

A unique aspect of somatic consent is its approach to the ‘shadows’—the unacknowledged and often unconscious aspects of our interactions. Understanding these shadows is key to transforming our relationships and interactions.

Participants were engaged in reflective exercises, delving into why it might be difficult to ask for what they want or to say no. These exercises are designed to reveal the depth of one’s desires and the barriers to expressing them.

The system, Matthias has developed, is about building a foundation of self-awareness, self-care, and radical self-responsibility. It’s about moving from intellectual understanding to embodied practice.

For those inspired to explore somatic consent further, Matthias extends an invitation to an online training. This is an opportunity to discover how somatic consent can be integrated into personal and professional life.

The journey of empowerment, understanding, and meaningful connections awaits. Interested in learning more and transforming your approach to relationships and consent? Click here to attent the training and start your journey towards a liberated, empowered life.

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