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Why the SOMATIC inflow works and how you can reset your nervous system to embody PLEASURE through CONSENT.

Hello and welcome to the free course RESET, the access to “The Foundations of Enhanced Plesure”.

This course will lead you to a deep embodiment of your experience of touch. From here you are able to deal honestly and clearly with others in accordance with your wishes, needs and boundaries.

These practices greatly enhance your own pleasure, improve the quality of your touch, and explore consensual touch in a way that leads you to the top (“apex”) of the Somatic Consent Engagement system. This is the pinnacle of love and care, a winning for all involved. Here you will find access to the superpowers:
Generosity, Gratetude, Integraty and Surrender.

This course is the beginning to fully trust yourself and be true to yourself, because what you discover here is the foundation of touch and pleaure, your individual freedom of your feelings and your body.

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Disclaimer: All Somatic Consent material is intended to be gender neutral. For the sake of brevity, use is made of him/her in the text in order to keep the text concise and clear. Also when talking about relationships it is the intention of the author to acknowledge and accept all relational configurations. For the reasons mentioned earlier, the text uses a traditional relational configuration of two relating partners. However, the material is usable in any relational configuration. Any comments or remarks about this can be reported to the author via the contact form on the site.

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