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Why the SOMATIC inflow works and can reset your nervous system to embody CONSENT.

Hello and welcome to the free course part of the course Foundations of Somatic Consent.


In this course you will find:

    • The background and development of Somatic Consent
    • The two functions of the somatic body
    • What consent is
    • How to Reset and upgrade your thought-ware
    • How to find a deeper layer of receiving

You will learn the importance of being able to ‘notice.’
With this course you will discover why a change in the way you experience your hands and engage with people around you makes a huge difference.
There you will learn how to find somatic experiences and start creating a different reality of touch.

It’s also my intention that this course will serve as a reference for those of you who have already been in touch with my work through sessions, courses and workshops and for those of you who have learned about the topic elsewhere.

It serves as a reference that you can come back to at any time.
As you are going through the experiences in this class, it might take a while before it lands.

It is the practice that really enriches and deepens over time as your awareness, acuity and your skills grow.

Please take as much time as you personally need, and I hope you enjoy your own skin as much as I enjoy mine.

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