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Reset your nervous system to embody PLEASURE, DESIRE and CONSENT

Hello and welcome to RESET.

“Embodying Pleasure, Desire, and Consent”  this course is focuses on how to cultivate a deep connection to your own pleasure and desires, and how to communicate them in an authentic way with others while also respecting boundaries and consent.

Reset emphasizes the importance of fully embodying and experiencing pleasure, which can lead to greater self-awareness, empowerment, and positive relationships.
Furthermore, the course deepens healthy and consensual interactions, which is essential in any kind of relationship.

Your Benefits;

  • Increased self-awareness and self-trust
  • Greater ability to communicate desires and boundaries in relationships
  • Enhanced capacity for pleasure and joy
  • Deeper connections and intimacy in relationships
  • Improved confidence and empowerment in navigating intimate interactions.
Access your superpowers of  Generosity, Gratitude, Integrity and Surrender.

Reset will guide to;

1. Mindful Touch Mastery
2. Joyful Boundary Setting
3. Empowered Authentic Communication
4. Embodied Self-Expression
5. Nurturing Intimate Relationships.

Disclaimer: All Somatic Consent material is intended to be gender neutral. For the sake of brevity, use is made of him/her in the text in order to keep the text concise and clear. Also when talking about relationships it is the intention of the author to acknowledge and accept all relational configurations. For the reasons mentioned earlier, the text uses a traditional relational configuration of two relating partners. However, the material is usable in any relational configuration. Any comments or remarks about this can be reported to the author via the contact form on the site.

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