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Empowerment Practitioner Certification

An empowerment session is a personal journey into freedom, pleasure and choice. Help your clients travel from where they are now to where they want to be.

What is an Empowerment Session?

One-on-one Empowerment Sessions support people to find the relaxed, confident, joyful sensuality that is their nature.

As an Empowerment Practitioner, you initiate the client into awakening the sensory inflow in their hands and the Direct Route of pleasure. You support them to experience the difference between giving and receiving, in relation to who is doing the action, by guiding them through the four Engagement Zones. Once this is embodied, you empower the client to own their desires and ask for exactly what they want to receive. Further sessions can explore the “my action for my pleasure” both ways, and even two-way touch.

By supporting your clients to explore their inner world, their authentic self will unfold. Your role as a practitioner is to guide them in their process of self-awareness, helping them to discover their unique expression and make empowered choices.

This is the key to transform not only people’s sex lives, but influence and empower every other aspect of their lives as well.

Empowerment Sessions are for individuals who want:

  • To connect to their physical body, emotional body.
  • Clarity of mind and are ready to take responsibility for the reality they are creating.
  • To feel joyful, vibrant, alive, passionate, creative, empowered and connected.
  • More ease and sense of play in their affection, touch and connection.
  • Support in understanding and exploring desires they’re not quite sure about.
  • A safe and comfortable place to talk about everything, ask questions and be heard.
  • Some warm, safe connection, touching and exploring.
  • To open the power of pleasure to heal, empower and transform.

As an Empowerment Practitioner, you will be able offer individual one-on-one sessions. Each session will be a co-creation based on your clients needs and desires and your limits. Your  offer can be anywhere from 1 to 3 or more hours. It’s up to you! Face to face is best for the somatic experience;  online sessions are also possible.


For more details about dates, times and investments:


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