Orgasmic Blueprint – Online Tantra Festival presentation

“Relaxed and transformative sexuality

Being on the edge and becoming orgasmic
“Being on the edge isn’t as safe, but the view is better.”
– Ricky Gervais


You can compare sex without a goal to playing music or dancing. When playing music, it’s about the moment, wouldn’t you agree? You play music to enjoy it—as it unfolds. You dance to the rhythm of the music, feeling your body in motion. You don’t play music or dance to aim for the end of the song or to reach a particular point in the room.

The Being on the Edge Map shows what becomes possible when we tune into the somatic experience and energy within our bodies during relaxed arousal. As we play and enjoy without aiming for the goal of climax, we are able to relax into the is-ness of our being state within timeless moments.

The key to relaxed arousal is a constant flow of oxytocin.

Oxytocin is the foundation of connection, just as the Direct Route is the foundation of the somatic system…

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