“Reset” to Enhace Your Pleasure Potential

Embrace the Radiance of Connection through Somatic Consent

Embarking on a Journey of Sensual Discovery

Touch, a language that surpasses words, allows us to connect with the world and each other. It has the power to convey emotion, ignite passion, and foster bonds. The sensual sensations that flourish from touching someone or something can bring a rush of connection, sometimes likened to an electrical buzz or a magnetic pull. Do you find yourself yearning to dive deeper into this connectivity, to truly become one with the moment and the entity you’re touching?

Exploring Depths and Elevations of Touch

Touch is transformative, allowing us to say yes to discovery and expansion, to truly melt into the beauty of the present, beyond any goal or expectation. However, many of us have experienced moments where this profound connection feels severed, where our focus shifts to getting it right instead of genuinely feeling. The sting of a touch devoid of attunement to the skin or a connection tarnished by deprivation and greediness is all too familiar.

In the landscape of human intimacy, touch is the foundation and the healthful ‘glue’ that holds the fabric of human bonding together. So why do we find ourselves ensnared in patterns of touch and relating that are unfulfilling and unhealthy?

Turning the Tables on Touch: Somatic Consent

Somatic Consent emerges as the beacon of light in the midst of this conundrum. It is the subtle, yet powerful experience that invites you to activate your system to the deepest level of feeling and sensation. This free online course, RESET, is an initiative to awaken your body’s capacity to feel and attune to exquisite sensations of pleasure, inviting a deeper connection to your feelings, skin, your whole being, and the world around you.

Through this course, you will:

  • Enhance Your Relationship with Yourself: Delve into your deepest realms and radically improve your experience of touch.
  • Cultivate Connection and Joy: Bring more ease, confidence, and joy to any kind of relationship, preparing you to explore the apex of connection where everyone feels empowered and authentic.
  • Develop Deep Body Awareness: Learn to fully trust and be true to yourself while nurturing an environment of mindful self-care, empowerment, and growth.

Testimonials: Voices of Transformation

Many have walked this path of somatic discovery, witnessing a direct link between experienced sensations and deep relational patterns. It’s likened to a pleasurable Sherlock Holmes path, combining theory, bodywork, nervous system, and attachment to make the knowledge incredibly liberating. Here’s what some have to say:

  • Janne Mattson: “So much vital information for life expanding options… The knowledge is so liberating personally.”
  • Kosamalotl Heather Broussard: “Through Somatic Consent, I feel more connected to my true ‘yes’ and feel more empowered to enforce my boundaries.”
  • Nina Edmondson: “This work… provides a flawless framework, encompassing much more than touch, consent, and intimacy. It takes you from the restraints of intellect to an embodied experience of life.”

Embrace the Path of Sensual Enlightenment

The journey of somatic consent offers an enriched understanding of one’s emotions and a recreation of patterns, fostering a society where such enlightenment is part of foundational learning. The union of sexual/life force energy, neuroscience, theoretical, and practical aspects nourishes the academic and the practical energy body worker in all of us.

Are you ready to walk this path, to learn how to slow down, be present, and experience natural radiance and contentment in your life?

Take the first step today, and embrace the liberation, freedom, and transformation that Somatic Consent promises to offer. Embrace the RESET course and live up to your fullest sensual and sexual potential.

Join the RESET Free Online Course today and ignite a journey of self-discovery, mindful self-care, and profound connection. Embrace a life where each touch is a melody of consent and every moment is a dance of intentional presence.


The name “RESET” for the course is highly symbolic and practical, representing a transformative journey that individuals embark upon to recalibrate and rejuvenate their relationship with touch, consent, and self. In the digital world, to “reset” means to clear previous settings and start anew, and this metaphor is aptly applied to this course in the context of personal development and self-discovery.

What is ‘RESET’ in the Course?

When taking the “RESET” course, participants are engaging in a profound process of unlearning and relearning. This involves shedding preconceived notions, biases, and unhealthy patterns related to touch, connection, and interpersonal relationships, and building new, healthier paradigms rooted in consent and genuine feeling.

Components of RESET:

  1. Revisiting Perceptions: Participants delve into their perceptions and experiences of touch and connection, revisiting past experiences and understanding their impact on the present.
  2. Enhancing Awareness: The course facilitates enhanced awareness of one’s body, emotions, and desires, empowering participants to be more attuned to their genuine feelings and needs.
  3. Setting Boundaries: Learning to set healthy boundaries is pivotal in the RESET process, allowing participants to experience connection more authentically and safely.
  4. Elevating Understanding: Participants elevate their understanding of consent and its role in fostering healthy, fulfilling relationships.
  5. Transforming Interactions: The acquired knowledge and insights enable participants to transform their interactions, experiencing touch and connection in a more meaningful and enriching manner.

Outcome of RESET:

The “RESET” in this course signifies a transformative journey leading to the restoration of one’s innate capacity for sensual and sexual feeling, enabling a harmonious, balanced life. It allows individuals to re-establish a more authentic, aware, and enriched relationship with themselves and others, fostering an environment of mutual respect, consent, and holistic well-being. This transformation results in more natural radiance, contentment, and a deeper, more mindful connection with the self and the world around.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to not just understand but embody a life where every touch is filled with intention, every moment is lived with acute awareness, and every relationship is nurtured with conscious consent.

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